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So I had a ridiculous idea when I was seshing the other night, and I thought i’d make a video on it! Using sparkling water/any other carbonated beverage in your bong!

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  • How did i get here

  • One day one of my friends took a rip of tobacco with a bong filled with beer…

    He vomited

  • What smoke is is mostly carbon dioxide. Any combustion reaction, like burning weed, produces a lot of carbon dioxide and water vapor so if you're ripping a bong you're jamming a bunch of CO2 into your lungs already, the carbonation won't do anything. Cheers!

  • One and one together to make one?

  • "You could experience death" LOL

  • Lol nigga u can't experience death u dead

  • Boy what do you mean you think no amount of carbon dioxide in the body is good boy your body produces that shit old DUMB ass

  • I like this guys videos but god if he would stop waving his hands around and saying "getting those cannabinoids deep in your lungs" LOL i would like his shit more srsly though cannabinoids deep into your lungs bro that's an L on motha


  • Whippets is Nitrogen because you can't use C02 for cream it reacts with it. Much of the air you exhale is C02, so holding your breath or breathing shortly must be c02 poisoning too?

  • "you could experience death"

  • can you put electrolyte water in a bong?

  • I hit a bong with mtn dew Baja blast and I'm good so we out here

  • whip it cans are nitrous oxide. wtf you go out and look up all this whacky tobacy info to give us but dont look something as simple as that up? an another form of CO2 ? how many forms does it have anyway ? love you tho , haha stay high

  • VOSS is garbage, one of the most un healthy water's for you to ingest. Look up the pollution content of VOSS water literally the most un safe for you on the entire consumer market.

  • Tried it myself and it actually was a lot better than i thought. I didn't feel out of breath at all. The sparkling water had cooled down outside and i feel fine if anything higher.

  • what's the song name

  • Wait, if it's only water is it considered dangerous? I'm confused.

  • Has anyone tried it with vodka or whiskey? People on youtube usually flip the hell out when you cross alcohol with cannabis… here in NY people do it all the time, specially girls!

  • nice shirt!