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“Space Queen” (Strain Review)


Space Queen is a cross between (Cindy 99 x Romulan) that provides a nice hybrid high. It is a 60/40 Indica Dominant cross. It combines the racy Sativa heady effect of the Cindy as well as the nice calming body high of the Rom. Overall I give it a [5.4/7] Very tasty strain but it is definitely not the most medicating!


  • One guy had a bad trip

  • purple? I didn't see any purple in it lol

  • Andrew pyrah channel for Amsterdam weed reviews ever in Amsterdam check him out josh

  • Does anyone know the original name for space queen?! Sub cool changed it some years back and I can't seem to remember.

  • like your vidieo the music is dope as fuk

  • M growing a few space queens and hopefully it turns out good.. They are almost 3 weeks old check out my vid on my channel.. I'll be posting vids every 2 weeks so stay tuned.. Thanks strain central awesome vids

  • left in cold outside probably

  • I used Space Queen to make one of my first crosses called Space Cream which is Space Queen Female x Timewreck Male.

  • Totally digging the music here, which is strange since I'm a metalhead lol

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  • great review!!! cheers!

  • Im from BC, if the Romulan that was used to create this strain from up here, i can guarantee that its genetics from the purple! check out my channel for the purple rom buds! cheers!!!

  • I have some of this on the way right now. This strain is super potent, ridiculous head high.

  • Just got some dream queen which is this and blue dream

  • holy crap u were chubby since when? i know the game.. still love that bong for some reason

  • Wu tang

  • purple comes from the Jack herrer side of C99

  • do people not hold hits for longer than 2 secs anymore??

  • how long will they mourn me//TUPAC track off of thug life album….nice

  • Yo nice vid brutha stay high!! Btw where can I get an ashcatcher like the one on your bong??