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South Coast Patients Center Dispensary Tour Take a tour of South Coast Patients Center in Santa Ana, CA!


  • I love this place!  I go here all the time :)

  • I used to work here.. We had it going strong for a few years .. But now it has mellowed out .

  • Oh officer so nice to see you.

  • lol dea no

  • bullrider is gone along with all the cool peeps that used to be there. This place is no longer keeping the quality up like the competition. Better step it up . you guys be slippin.

  • whyd u stop?

  • I may just be around to good of flowers these days in san jose but that bud looks like crap!

  • @resinatedhuman that is very true, like honestly do you want your pharmacist feeling up your pills and rubbing his nose in them, (i dont believe that weed makes you stupid…but you gotta wonder lol)

  • dank nugs but I hate how all the dispensaries say the thc%…always lies

  • The best part is at 0:24 and 0:44 you can actually see CPA outside across the street.

  • @rootsharmony420 overpriced good hash tho

  • Legendary Wellness owns CPA.

  • poop


  • soundtrack off Grand Turismo. lol

  • @inkiebud :L::::OOOOOOOOOOOOOOl

  • didnt like this one very much

  • Sam

    @mcrunchatize epic fail

  • aww quality?