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SOURCE orb XL – (Product Review)



A wax pen that can hold an entire gram of wax at once?!? This is quite the novel concept if I do say so myself! 😛

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • Why on every weed smoking video people say cheers…like the 10th video today I've seen with someone saying "cheers".

  • Have you tried the coiless stuff you can get for it? Would be good for what you talked about at the beginning.

  • How do I fill this vaporizer? ??

  • Can these be used for Regular E-juice or nah

  • That thing is way way way over priced. It's a rebranded istick 30w that goes for $20-$25 then find just the atty for it and save yourself $50-$60

  • you can buy battery for £40 and the top for £10

  • I bought the source terra coils from source vapes and all 10 coils were duds I contacted the company and they told me that the coils only work for source vape battery with is ridiculous I've been using there products for a while with my own battery's and they worked fine! Then they tell me they will give me 50% off a battery and they gave me a code when I went to order the battery the coupon didn't work 2 days of talking back and forth and they still didn't wanna help me I'm never ordering there shit again I would warn all of you to check your stuff when you get it in the mail cause if it doesn't work there not gonna help you source vapes just wants your money!!!!!!

  • can you put a normal box mod coil on the box

  • The 3 coils are there to wick up the run off from the traditional 1 rod design – ? please a explain again how 3 wick are less efficient then 1 ?

  • Quick poll: Source orb 3 or should i bite th bullet and get the xl?

  • Is this better than the gigawax G4:20c?

  • anyone else notice how the battery looks exactly like the eleaf i stick 20w

  • what is around your neck?
    looks mad

  • took an L with that dab…

  • Don't get me wrong Josh is a cool dude and I've watched a lot of his videos on reviews, but sometimes he contradicts himself from what I've seen lol. He's got other vape pen reviews where he says he doesn't like the instant combustion of the coils in the pen because it just burns the oil too quick and gives it a burnt flavor and loses its terps flavor and this one he doesn't like it for not combusting lmao ? you're one tough critic to please Josh!

  • Essentially what I have currently i use my box mod with a globe attachment with double coils. Works out great! I'm digging these quartz ones tho!

  • I always like smoking in the morning to your videos. Always so positive! Thanks Josh!

  • its ego threading not 510 just a heads up

  • those coils arent burning evenly. it will most likely vape better if u take some tweezers or needle nose pliers and heat them up and pinch them. make sure when u pinch them u do not push the button though it will cause a short

  • @StrainCentral Can't you just attach the ORB to another battery (ergo the Snow Wolf $90 USD or less) and put more power into the coils than that very low wattage device? snow wolf can heat up to 200W pretty fast… I know this is a review of the product and how it comes, but because of the 510 threading (which can be hooked to the snow wolf) I feel like you can definitely improve the experience with a better battery.