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“SOURCE orb 4” – (Product Review)


So the guys over at Source sent me over one of the Source orb 4 signature kits to play around with and review! This is hands down the most customizable wax vaporizer that i’ve ever used!!

Source Orb 4 – (

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • what is a good starter strain or bud ?

  • Big hits of weed vs small hits or medium hits of weed is it better to go big does it get u higher are small hits wasteful plz make video bout this topic

  • Can you Please post those Icy Bong rips you were talking about?? Joinin in here with Pineapple chunk an Blueberry og

  • Hey Josh, come to Tucson and grab a icy cold eegee's…. they really beat the heat!!! Anyway, I have. Source Orb 3 and overall the product is great but for me I still bumble with it…and yeah…. sometimes almost impossible to unscrew for the sticky wax. I am interested in the upgrade as I have mostly used my O.pen. What size are the threads for the atomizers… can you screw on a cartridge if you wanted to (or better yet, maybe I would just open the cartridge and put the concentrate into the atomizer!).
    Also, does anyone have an idea of the temp on an O.pen (or similar)…. because if the Source at 200 is a little cooler, that would definitely be for me.

  • The fact that you actually talk about the cons is what allows your viewers to trust the reviews. I feel like you're not just going to tell your audience to buy anything that wants to sponsor you. Mad respect for that, my dude

  • The charger is not proprietary. It says on their website that it's just a regular micro usb.

  • This vape is dank. The buckets just don't last long enough imo

  • That was a ridiculous amount of coils

  • "ginormous rip" that was not ginormous😂… its all love though for anyone thinking im hating on my boy josh

  • Does the Orb have a standard 510 connection? Could I just use it with another box mod I have?

  • watching while using my source orb 4 😄 i couldn't be more thrilled with it 🔥🔥

  • I just got one a month ago. still waiting for the opportunity to find good wax to try on it though but the rose gold is pretty

  • 5:30 I think he is referring to customgrow420? Lol

  • I like the jokes getting a bit more joking sometimes your vids are so serious lol

  • I see that soundproof shit tore up lol #LifeWithCats lmao

  • You are really loving the word proprietary

  • 3:42 Dear god we need to help them!

  • is a .9 in affodability cheap or expensive?

  • Good content like always 👍

  • 7:31
    There is a hair stuck under your fingernail.