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“SOURCE Orb 3” – (Product Review)


Source Orb 3 XL Travel Kit – []

Today i’m doing a full review on this SourceVapes SOURCE orb 3 XL travel kit. It comes with the Source orb 3 & the Source orb slim which feature state of the art quartz double coil atomizers! These will give you pretty good sized clouds and will make sure you get full flavor of your wax!

Overall I give the Source Orb 3 a solid [5.9/7]

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  • may I have your slim sir?!

  • Is there any way to turn off the auto shut off on these? to get a bigger hit?..

  • Str8 up cave man beard

  • Cut your hair and that beard yooooo the beard forsure lmaoo

  • Do u need oil to vape in this? Cant u just use grinded marihuana?

  • do u wear lipstick dude?

  • How good is the source orb 3 with dry herb? I show it has the attachment for it

  • Hi GUY, I have a request, some of us are not as schooled as you. Would you please let us know in your reviews, if these pens sticks vapes or whatever can be used for plain weed, wax, oil or whatever. I've watch three of your reviews and in none of them do you explain how they vary in use or even if they do.


  • he looked like he was contimplating life when he took those hits

  • I bought the signature kit and the battery really lacks in battery life and performance and after two weeks of use and it no longer working lets just say I upgraded my warrenty and extra payment to bigrig battery and after my second one burning out I am now moving on to another company to try. Just a headsup guys. Also the big rig battery had nice performance and great battery life, makesure to take atleast a minute between hits and still expect to have it burnout every month/month and a half. GBLess.

  • is it true you can long a full gram on those coils? I was looking into source vape because my friend has the triple coil of theirs. hit so beautifully, and it lasts him all day.

  • How considerate of him to lower the volume of his coughs

  • thank you. that was the BEST review on a ecig/vape pen i have ever seen. i love how u mentioned the temps. combustion is bad mkay.

  • can this only hit oil or can you use regular flower in it :/

  • hey man i know this is an older vid, but iv been debating on getting another vape but kinda hesitant bc i had a dube by white rhino about 3 years ago and hated it…i almost would blow my lungs out trying to get a hit…do any of these have a looser draw that are good for dry herbs? i dont like wax

  • This is kinda late. But my source orb slim came in the mail today. I'm confused. Can it be used for both dry herb and wax? Or do you have to buy a separate attachment for dry herb

  • Is there another vape pen you recommend for both wax and dry herb

  • So it's deff different than just an ordinary titanium bit? I saw that source has metal coils around the quarts, and it kinda threw me off a bit

  • what would probably be cheaper is getting a kanger subox mini kit, a cheap rda, doing a stove top coil and smacking your wax on there, it will work the same and probably be cooler still yet you can get it exactly how you want, living in Australia with anxiety and depression I'm waiting for medical cannabis to be legal here and I'm so going to try that, already got an rda to use and a kanger subox mini, but thats my idea, total it costs about $70 for the box and rda, batteries ~20 and it is variable wattage… I just wonder if it will work