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“Source Nail” – (Product Review)


Today, I thought i’d do a review on the Source Vapes “Source Nail”.
I honestly didn’t expect much of this with most of these other portable dabbing devices on the market, but was VERY surprised when I first hit this. Extremely functional & very customizable.

I give this an overall rating of [5.1/7]

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  • could you do a video on how you personally season your nails?

  • $200 for this thing… That's a whole paycheck lmao. I'll just ask for money on Christmas and get it then

  • Holy shit son! That rip actually darkened your room lol

  • That was an awesome review Josh. :)

  • how many watt was that at?

  • Vaping on Northern lights concentrate right now :)

  • I have essentially the same product, only it's called the G9 510 Nail. Mine works best at 60-70w so I'm not sure about the whole 45w deal

  • best weed youtube channel !

  • Great. Love the variable Voltage and wattage temps for the hit you want. It's portable enough for me. Looking to get one ASAP.

  • josh what is your twitch schedule?

  • Clouds electro or source nail?!?! ?

  • I feel your style would be Majestic Casual. ;P

  • put some ky on it

  • "backpacking"

  • Thanks for this review Josh. These portable nail product are only going to get better and better over time and it will be interesting to see where they're at in the next few years. Cheers!

  • The battery is just an ecig one so if you have one that can be used while charging, you're set even if your battery dies as long as you have a portable battery/outlet near.

  • I just ordered one , i not a dabber but excited to start with the SV 🙂 thanks for showing ,

  • Emulate emulate emulate emulate

  • Do the g slim g pen

  • How is this compared to the Dr. Dabber Boost?