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Sour Diesel – Marijuana Strain Review – 420Portal

Take a look at Nikki as she smokes and reviews the marijuana strain Sour Diesel or as some would call it: Sour D

Sour Diesel is a hybrid that’s Sativa dominant and will give the user a cerebral high.

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  • fit

  • thumbs down, uneducated review. half the video was of her trying to look like a video model smoking some bud. The other half was a loop of her welcoming us and the rest was her reading.

  • terrible

  • did u just read how u felt of your computer. its like she google the effects n read them n acted like thats how she felt

  • I want to smoke some good weed too. last time was power plant from dutch passion. was good. here in germany weed sucks….

  • to be honest,that weed looked SHIT!!!!!

  • Sour diesel is good for chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
    Interested in Sour diesel?
    Call/text 408 Six Zero One 0552 for more info

  • One problem you got so high you forgot to tell what it tastes like smh ?

  • This music is making my ears bleed

  • how about u say how u actually feel instead of reading
    dislike for that

  • guapisima seria un placer fumar contigo !

  • Sour Diesel is my jam. Fav strains : Sour D, Super Skunk, any OG Kush and last but not least, Tijuanna. If Yall get a chance to hop over to Europe, u gotta try that Tijuanna. It's basically a breed of Strawberry Cough, but with the taste intensified in this particular strain. YOURE GOING TO LOVE IT!

  • this was a pretty strange video i must say, the awkward grins and the reading of feelings from the computer…maybe its because im high?

  • Sexy thang

  • I came for the weed, I stayed for the ladies ;)

  • nice buds

  • Sexiest thing ever, when this girl hits the pipe and smiles at the camera… Oghhhh fuckkk… Sooo hottt

  • Ok?… after 1:30 is when it started to get wierd with the different camera angles and shit lol

  • Good review! Picked some up myself today!

  • Sour diesel is a good strain for chronic pain, anxiety and depression.
    Interested in sour diesel?? Call/text: Four Zero Eight Four One Nine Nine Four Eight Zero for more info..