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“Sour Cookies Rosin” – (Concentrate Review)


So I believe this is a mix run of (Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel) that will give you an extremely euphoric, creative, mood-boosting high that can be quite couch-locking if consumed in large doses. Great for Depression, Fatigue, and Stress.

Overall I give this rosin a solid [5.5/7]

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  • Teeth = perfect

  • I love your videos Josh, They help me stay positive threw out the day and I love tokin' along! Cheer's m8!

  • Rosin + Added Terpenes = The Future.

    Good job on your vids man, do you make money from these via youtube or google adsense or whatever?

    At 260,000 subs+, you're doing it right!

  • Thanks for making these vids man, we need more people like you that will spread the good vibes. I'm sick and damned tired of people being grouchy little shits everywhere I go. LEGALIZE It, everyone take a fatass bong rip and learn to love one another.

  • I'm sitting here trying to understand why someone would thumbs down any of your videos. Love ya bud.

  • A im sxtremely etoned

  • dude this guy has the key to happiness contentment positivity teach bro teach

  • Even though they may be expensive… Try to do a review on Moon rocks. :)

  • Damn that looks like some FIRE! rosin over BHO anyday :)

  • 6:34 thats was she said

  • Your videos are loud af.

  • did you move your table?

  • Ahhhh looks so tasty!

  • I'll like your videos a lot more, when you stop wasting herb.
    Can't you hold on to that lungful a while?
    You're throwing most of the good stuff out before it has a chance.
    Let it out through your nose to get more effect. Dive deep into nature's bounty!

    I'd also like it a lot if you'd lighten up on your philosophical admonitions at the end.
    Unless you're a psychology major, you really should back off of that a whole bunch.

    Happy inhaling.

  • i really dont smoke too often, but i watch your stuff because youre so incredibly positive. you do what you love, and it seems like you truly love doing it. i also always appreciate the little positivity messages at the end of your videos. keep doin you brother

  • I got some Sour Cookies flower a few weeks back, so pretty sure its a real strain. Can't speak for your rosin tho.

  • Who the fuck screamed ther in 5:08 XDDD ?

  • That looks so yummy I want to spread it on a sammich :-)

  • I can smell it from here.

  • I wonder if anyone ever accidentally put their mouth on the nail after they heated it ….