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“Sour Alien” – (Strain Review)


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Sour Alien is 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid strain bred by Cali Connection that is a cross between (Original Sour Diesel x Alien Kush) that provides you with an insanely strong cerebral high & a subtle functional body high. It tastes and smells like a fuel-y lemon pinesol.

This is a great strain for treating depression, stress, and headaches. Overall I give this strain a solid [5.7/7]

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  • wz good?just an idea as an add on to your videos. you should show the herb then find it, smell it, pack the bowl, then medicate. you should add how to correctly pack your bowl! #Sheers #PTSD #VETERAN

  • josh I've noticed in your reviews on flowers or concentrate u talk about several diff strains of diesel and even NYC diesel but I haven't seen one of your vids on true sour diesel. ( which is hands down by far my most favorite strain n would love to b able to spread the word on the genetics and background info on it. PEACE BROTHER


  • So, this strain is great unless you suffer from anxiety, in which case: Avoid. lol

  • it looks like you got lipstick on cx just saying

  • nice bud dude!!!

  • I wish you where my neighbor:(

  • rad shirt

  • hey Josh, love the videos as well as you man. but I think that you should make a video, or a serious, called "Green/smoke from around the world." and just smoke a popular strain that originated from places around the world!

  • right when you said it gets into your head i felt like it brought me back to my first time smoking sour diesel in public. the paranoia was real

  • Faces. There are faces in the chicken.

  • hempwick vs lighters video? pls

  • smoking on some nug run Pineapple shatter and Fall '97(purple urkle X OG kush) flower

  • could you do a joint rolling tutorial

  • I don't know if herbs are recommended for depression due to the level of seratonin, which would be low, it will be good as long as the effect of the herb is active, but when you get "on the ground" again you will need larger ammounts of seratonin to get you in a normal mood, if the person smokes with some kind of prescription medicational could cause something permanent. Could you explain how the herbs work to get better from depression? Cheers Josh!

  • I've got a little question, I just got a vaporizer and I'm getting used to it, but I'm now testing out what's better, to put in a little bit of weed into the vaporizer or alot, what's your thoughts about it?

  • Thanks man i'll stay positive and medicated… i really will take your word peace!

  • What is the difference between a low and high temperature when vaping?

  • lol nice shirt josh :)

  • Wonderful Review!