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Soulja Boy Strain Showcase – Marilyn Monroe OG

Soulja Boy joins WeedmapsTV for a special celebrity strain showcase. Check out Soulja as he rolls up and showcases some Marilyn Monroe OG Blunts courtesy of GEP (Green Earth Pharmacy) in Harbor City, CA.

GEP (Green Earth Pharmacy)
1227 West 253rd st, Harbor City, CA 90710
(424) 250-9775


  • All you taste is tobacco leaf with that shit ass backwood blunt. How the fuck you going to review and actually taste the weed, ol' fuck boy ass nigga.

  • shits weak how can you even rate that shit when your smokin it in a blunt wrap (flavored tabacco wrap)….. he should have hit out of something he could actually taste the full flavor from bud…. the policy should be if you're reviewing a strain you should smoke it in something that gives it a pure taste!! pretty much no extra flavoring…. i mean i love smoking a blunt or flavored papers but not for a strain review…

  • Dat Strong Indica Motherfucka

  • soulja boy is so fucking dumb

  • who let this fool roll. he just stuck a piece of paper on the nug.

  • i dig what u sayin

  • bitch ass soldier toy
    didnt say nothing about the bud …but gas..someone needs put gas on his ass and lite it with a bullet…stay out of the smoking game smoking that dank out of that flimsy ass blunt wtf wrong with you..???name says it all soulja boi he could have all the $$$ but he still a lil bitchhh BOI….he has all that $$ because of stupid little idots that listen to his piece of shitt music…?????✋✋?? whats wrong with u weed maps??? u need BE real …snoop dogg…godfathers of smoking budd…


  • Can someone explains: why does Soulja smoke kush in every of his videos without inhalin'??
    Dark PR again (like w/ cigarettes in "Too Juiced Up" video) or wtf?!?

  • ban him from the show

  • Soulja Boy with his fake ass watch. 10:10

  • I like SB and BowWow. Hopsin dissed em ima diss him bak lil homo.

  • Why so many dislikes…must be alott of people who hate success on here.

  • Bronze 5 Blunt rollin

  • Gil come back!

  • my unborn kid can even roll bettrr than this dude

  • Omg, what a waste this blunt man

  • funny clown

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