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We got a suuuuuuuuuuper little bit of snow here in Washington, so I figured i’d bust out the classic “snow bong” and fill up my Black Market tube with some powder!! I’ve never really thought ice did much in your bongs anyways, but I figured why not try it! 😛

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  • You look like what i imagine a big foot to be when the lighter flame is glowing on your face. haha. its awesome

  • Don't eat yellow snow, unless it's Josh's cause it has traces of THC

  • Don't eat yellow snow, unless it's Josh's cause it has traces of THC

  • Does pineapple express strain actually taste like pineapple??

  • You are my favorite youtuber

  • You look like Daniel bryan

  • I've done this countless times

  • id trybut i live in sweden no snow no legal weed rip

  • Well the problem is that snow contains a large amount of pollution so the pollution would carry into the smoke somewhat.

  • East side of Washington definitely gets snow lol

  • you got all that snow from the teeny little bit of snow that was outside?

  • make sure snow isnt near exhaust fumes go into the snow.

  • makes it look milky as fuck

  • we had snow up to my knees. I live in western kentucky.

  • Wtf todaaay ? Are u kidding me ?

  • Not to be that guy that disagrees with an opinion lol but ice bongs do smooth the hit guaranteed. I know you don't smoke tobacco with your weed, but I take dirty snaps with my homies and definitely have had rips that can't touch my throat because the ratio has too much T. Just pain. However, I can take a snap of Tobacco and Kief only (so dry) with more T than normal, but only if there is ice in the bong. Tho i totally get how it doesn't really feel that way, its just how I know it does something. Cheers to any who read!

  • What's that wire thing he uses made of?

  • What the fuck was that intro??? @ 0:03

  • its the best. it goes through. only for a couple hits though before you should change it and resin will stick to the glass. A LOT

  • it snowed here last week in arizona really not usedto it