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Bringing it back to the old days and hitting a couple different wooden pipes! These things would be key for a long hiking trip. A good jar full of herb & a sturdy pipe is all you need in the mountains!
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  • Wood is all ive ever used. The type of wood changes the flavor of the bud. Really interesting

  • Why do we not smoke weed anymore out of old school tobacco pipes are they bad for you or something?

  • Anyone know how the clean up situation with wood is. Personally, I find glass to be very easy to clean because I soak in a tub of cleaning alcohol and salt and it's good as new. But I don't think you can do that with wood. How do some people with wood pipes clean their piece b/c I've heard conflicting answers.

  • How would you clean them though

  • I make nice wooden pipe with Woodprix Plans

  • I smoke weed out of a Corn cob pipe..

  • Josh, I'd totally date you. You seem super nice, we would go on high adventures and you probably eat it like groceries. 

  • And ur not going to need a roach clip

  • you are awesome! love your videos and positivity

  • This is the only weed channel that doesn't make me want to hang myself

  • I would be cautious of things like rosewood, a lot of timbers are extremely toxic.

  • i made my own wood pipe from a branch in my backyard because i didn't want to but papers or a pipe.

  • I don't even smoke weed, nor do I plan to, at least not any time soon, but the kids at my school that smoke love the fact that I get into arguments about weed and how there's literally nothing bad for you about it and how I thing weed should be legalized and tobacco made illegal

  • subscribed because he's adorable.

  • I love one hitters.. So discreet. And really good with conservation.

  • I'm curious whether in a long run it's healthy to smoke from wooden products, as wood burning releases unhealthy stuff, I wonder if these then can handle high temps or so well or something?

  • You gotta bring the Monkey Pipe Brand into this discussion Josh!

  • Bro people didn't blaze weed 1000 years ago lmao

  • isnt weed illegale

  • spark the jay, and even if it is "too big" for the wood tip, then wtf?! Roll up another one, this is a weed show.