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So during the ( shoot, somehow we got together to have a smoke session with Ray J, so I thought i’d ramble about the story a bit! πŸ˜›

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  • What are those circular lights on the wall

  • You should see how many other celebrities you could smoke with and make it a series.

  • Always enjoy your story telling. That's awesome. It's cool that you were telling me about this by talking to you when you guys were filming on the last day at the concert. It was great too meet you guys again (Josh, Sasha, and Elijah or slower future) here in Vegas.

  • You know if i smoked with RayJ i would have to ask if your trynna hit this first?

  • anyone else remember that vid that josh made warning people of synthetics in those CBD gummies? he deleted it :/

  • Should've asked Ray J how nice Kim's Pussy was

  • Who the fuck is Ray J?

  • hey josh it's cool to see how being popular in the community can take you places. I see those acoustic panels are you producing music?

  • He pee on you?

  • Ray J? He's a rapper?
    I forgot about that shit.

  • we know damn well where Ray Jay mouths Been

  • Ray J is Snoop Dogg's cousin for those that don't know.

  • whatever he said about sharing weed is bullshit because, hes allready smoking someones weed that isnt his .. Fail πŸ˜‰

  • Ray J is a F A G G O T.

  • who tf is ray j?

  • Just imagine being high as absolute fuck and you and all your friends are sitting at a table then fucking ray j just pulls up in a electric scooter XD

  • u should do a strain review on jack herer

  • I think its ironic that he wouldn't take a dab but would sit there and drink lean.

  • lean is the shit, but shit does kill and is very addictive. not something to be taken lightly.

  • It's 1:30 am & I just screamed when you said "we don't know where his mouth has been…." This is siiick though!!