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No, really guys… Don’t try this. Just use an apple.

So I was walking through the store trying to find things to smoke out of for your enjoyment, when the idea dawned on me.. BREAD PIPE! 😛

I’m pretty sure I inhaled like a half of loaf of bread’s worth of bread crumbs though..
So thanks guys… Because of you, I now have to live the rest of my life with a bread lung…


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  • I work at panera Im about to make sure we get those in?

  • 3:13 hahahaha the best part

  • How tf did you do that bread flip in the beginning ?!

  • Bro I'd much rather have some alien kush then party

  • Bakery bread smells fuckin amazing

  • With ur justin beiber haircut lol

  • that bread flip tho? had to watch it twice

  • I lowkey smoked out of bread like a year ago and it worked lmaoo great minds think alike hahah cheers

  • children in africa cpuld have eatin that weed!

  • 3:07

  • " Im an internet idiot who does this shit so you dont have too " – Josh 2016

  • Baked bwahahaa

  • This works pretty well XD I smoked in my room yesterday and got fucked up I told my mom I was making a sandwich and walked into the room she bought it lmao

  • lol good vid Jweezy

  • and that's how you make toast bread.

  • I really like the new style of editing, really funny :D

  • New to smoking. What's that device he lights to use on the bread? I'm assuming it's to use less fuel from lighters? Where can I get one?

  • Do you get high when you eat the bread after smoking through it?

  • I guess you got BAKED hahaha ha…

  • Atleast when you get the munchies you can just eat your pipe