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Just decided to do a video comparing smoking weed and dabbing!! If you have any more questions just comment and i’ll make sure to answer!! 🙂

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  • that beat is fucking fire

  • agreed on the burning weed smell, not good at all. smells like cigs in my opinion, but then again, if someone were to give me a jar of bud to smell I'd be in heaven ?

  • low key that beat is bomb

  • Running With The AK47 weed And Hindu Kush Love That Shit…

  • Love the smell of burning herb… When I smell it I can't stop smelling it to the point where I'm sniffing so hard I get dizzy

  • Fire tunes bro

  • I was looking for the dance move but it brought me here

  • Seahawks and Cannabis! God, I'd love to smoke down with you after I watch a Seattle game!

  • @StrainCentral (Cannabis review and smoke…

  • hey whats up… been looking around, wanted to know what song is playin around 6:33 can you give me the name..? I cant find it… searched the links you put already… thanks

  • Fuck all this new shit just give me some swisher sweets and im rolling up

  • I love the smell of burning weed ahaha

  • Carb cap also acts as a small vacuum pressure system on the surface of the nail similar to purging vacuum but much less pressure, because pressure helps finish on a dome and nail without the evening of heat you mentioned from the actual cap, good vid!

  • oh its oil? guess i can't do this i live in jersey i don't have access to oil and don't have the patients to learn how to make it myself. sounds cool though. cool video. i have to admit though that i do love the smell of burning weed think its more of a mental thing though when i smell it i know its around and then i want it haha.

  • what do i need to do this?

  • love the smell of burning cannabis :3

  • Matthew stafford!

  • not hating but any scent of weed I like just brings a smile to my face knowing others are enjoying too

  • for my first time , I dabbed so idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing? I do want to try smoking an actual blunt, how different would it really be?

  • Awesome video! I've been wondering/asking other channels if it smells more, or last longer, or how to feel. you entirely summed it up and kept a clear & calm mind. unlike some other channels go way off topic lol.