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I had quite a busy day, so I thought i’d sit down and record a late night sesh! Packed up some Blueberry Trainwreck & dabbed some Dutch Glue while I ramble about some shenanigans! I’ll have to make these longer & more often again.

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  • Broke my nail filming the 420 subs challenge! Should be up at the latest Thursday!!! 😛

  • Open up your eyes

  • Forgot to say Vaping along! Rip me right now, baked off my Pax 3

  • I hate to complain, but where's the content? I thought you were gonna start uploading more. You're one of the greatest weedtubers and we would love to see multiple videos a week. Just thought I'd throw this out there. It's all love just keeping it real

  • it's been 6 days since you've uploaded content yet I saw you making salmon last night on your sc… coulda been uploading something while you cooked it. 😔

  • u should review catpiss haze

  • Scjosh was already taken

  • I'm happy i was in the 420k subs lol

  • Can you do another 3 2 1 challenge? 3g of flower, 2g of keif, and 1g of crumble. 😉

  • Josh holding out on the vids lately

  • damn I haven't smoked for like 3 months because I get my blood checked for my medicines and I don't want my parents to know. Missing Mary Jane sooooo much

  • I knocked over my rig as soon as i clicked this vid, thank the dabl gods its ok

  • Whenever I'm having a rough day I know I can watch some Strain Central, Kendrick Grady, Sikenced Hippie, TwoHighGuys, XCodeh or a combination of all of them to boost my spirits. That while having convo with Ms. Mary is extra pleasant! 😂

  • What bong did he break? The samurai beaker?

  • Never clicked off of porn-hub so quick…

  • Right on, im looking forward to it. And congratulations on the success of your channel bro.

  • Mine lit on fire, can I get a new one please!

  • Congratulations on the 420K subs!!
    Cant wait for the 7/10 video and will be partaking with my CannaSense medical Cannabis delivered to my PA mail box, legally. Contact me for details

  • Josh please stop making promises you can't keep… I'm tired of being disappointed.. 😩😩

  • Josh, you should totally review the chill oil pod pipe