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Smoking Weed Indoors! (Without Smell)


Sploofy – []

Had all kinds of comments asking how to smoke with the least smell, so I decided to finally address how I personally keep the smell down!! You can always use a classic toilet paper roll sploof, but it’s the 21st century, so you can get yourself a cheap personal carbon filter! If you live in a dorm, apartment, or townhouse.. I’d no doubt suggest the sploofy!

It’s always nice not smelling like weed all the time & still always being high! 😛

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  • The dryer sheet makes your throat burn

  • where can I buy one?

  • Back when he had like, 10 stickers behind him

  • Sploof huh? We call them the doob tubes

  • is it normal when my hand touches my face but but i don't then….

  • Where can I buy one ?

  • 300 hits? Honestly that would be like a week for me max… I have a really bad habit of smoking every 20 minutes.. Anyone else?

  • Umm to me it looks like a buttplug not a speaker.

  • Why the sploofy look like a butt plug

  • good vid my dude

  • Wait could someone tell me what he was talking about with the coin thing?

  • You should do a video on how to cook indoors without it smelling as much

  • I don't get how plastic would hurt you if you are not burning the plastic or even warming the plastic up how is it going to go into you're lungs.

  • swear to god i kno you in real life somehow bruhh

  • How much money do you think you spend on weed a year

  • dude you look like a yeti. luv it man keep it up

  • The music is REALLY annoying. Makes it difficult to hear you.

  • Whoever used sploofs or whatever you call them are amateurs, What to do is cover the bottom of the door with towels or just one big towel make sure to tuck it good and use electrical tape to cover the door seems – The tape will be pretty quite coming off and you can reuse it about two to three times – Above all have febreeze on hand to spray atleast an hour or two after you're done toking then open a window to get fresh air in.

  • Q: where do you buy the torch?

  • what i use that works well is i have filters for a painters respirator that i use as a sploof a little gets through but barely