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Smoking Weed & Dabbing.. AT THE SAME TIME?!?


Decided I wanted to just have some fun today, so I busted out the stoner lego’s!! 😛 Hope you all enjoy this quick challenge video!

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  • Look into 'The 'Sublimator'
    best double decker you can get man.

  • I thought he meant actually dabbing

  • He is going to be so toasted

  • Spent 20 minutes on weed videos this is my last one because I just determined that these weed you tubes don't give a shit abd are crazy as hell. I'd be way too high to do this shit as well as what other people are doing

  • nice hit bruh.

  • you should smoke more flower than dabs and show the flower

  • Sup Josh! @2:03 your right eye behind your bowl pinch…made it looked all fukn crazy!…keep it lit

    Peace n Puff.

  • Smoke weed every day

  • Lmao pretty great man xDD Maybe should do double kief bowls on the double honeycomb TAG piece or something.

  • This guy is crazy

  • josh. please. please buy two more, you could put one in each and have FOUR BOWLS, FOUR NAILS, 2 BOWLS AND 2 NAILS!!! THAT WOULD BE INSANE

  • hash and weed together is good too

  • I laugh at the sound difference between Jolie's coughs and Josh's

  • Vio

    this guy reminds me of multiple people i hate :/

  • mad fuckin props bro

  • A billion times better then the gay ass faggot custom grow 420

  • lol did anyone else notice that he said "twight intense"

  • bring the wish bone to custom grow for the lung buster


  • Holy shit that was insane