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Today I talk about my views on Synthetic Cannabis (Spice, K2, JWH-018) as well as explaining the several times I have used them prior to discovering cannabis. It is not something I will ever even think about trying again.. Google “Spice Depersonalization” and “Spice Psychosis” if you are thinking about trying synthetics yourself.. Natural over Man-made! (Also sorry for the language on this episode.. I didn’t even realize it)


  • why do people do it if its that bad? like heroine is bad, but it makes sense. meth is bad but it makes sense. hell, even pcp makes sense compared to k2.

  • I smoked like a few years ago and gas station had it for 20 for 1g i really did not like the feel

  • Tried spice once, I've never tried it again. I tried to jump off of a bridge.

  • im addicted to spice I need help

  • Like if in 2017

  • Eric arc Elliott- it's your world

  • my first time smoking this type of bud was in 6th grade, after a skate sesh with a homie, my other friend came by with a joint of king kong. immediately 5 minutes after the joint, I tripped out and came back to life 2-3 hours later in my friends car slowly coming back and puking out the door. about 15 minutes waking up, I smiled at my homie and ask "what the fuck was I doing the whole time". I layed down after arriving back to where we started and stared at the stars thinking about my life

  • My buddy smoked some at a party and ended up having a seizure right in front of me. We had to call an ambulance and get her to the hospital. Probably one of the scariest moments of my life and I'm so glad that, for once, I passed on hitting the bowl

  • i saw a story online that reported it ended somebodies life inhaling the smoke from it just once.

  • I haven't in awhile but my last time I got some after it was outlawed. And I mix it with my bud and it got me pretty stoned lol

  • I used to smoke synthetic all the time lol, never had a problem with it, everyone says it's so terrible but all the times I've tried it it never caused me harm.

  • Seriously don't do this shit on a long term basis, same effects as crack on the body with faster deterioration and withdrawals of heroin, and a hell of a lot of mind fuckery and not in the good way

  • hey Josh what are the 3 beats in the background

  • could you re do this story. I think alot of people would be interested.

  • Damn bro I watch you vid RN and went back and you were fat or chubbyer lol

  • LOL he tried to light the lighter!

  • dammmm 1 year ago😂

  • I've tried K2 a few times,and i just regret it. never again am i touching that shit! Fuck Spice! besides, nothing beats the real thing.

  • love real life stories!

  • I've had that frame rate vision, but that was when I had a long break from weed for like 2 months and smoked a joint to myself at a park. It wasn't spice or anything, just strong weed which got me way too high.