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So I get asked several times a week, “if smoking resin is okay” – I thought i’d finally address this question once and for all with some reason! 😛

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  • this dude is crazy resin gets you high as fuck.

  • yea i ust 2 smoke rez all the time when i was like 16 now i just cake pipes shut then get a new 1 lol

  • lmao "psychological dependence"? are you serious?

  • You also gotta remember that the kind of people who smoke res are from non legal states where they cant just get cheep, quality weed and concentrates. Its like how frequent dabbers don't smoke as much flower cuz it takes longer to get high. If you can get good weed for good prices there is no reason to smoke the nasty goop, but if you only get mid tier weed at average prices your tolerance will be lower, making smoking res a bit of a better high. I have smoked enough res to say, yes it will get you high.

  • Best analogy ever

  • Nobody smokes Rez unless they are broke… Be a functional user with a job

  • resin gets me baked lol

  • My friend, almost every next day of a smoke session with him, will text me around 1-3 am saying that he got "baked" of resin from his pipe that we smoked out of. And I'm just texting him like "Go to bed, you're sleep dumbassing."

  • Unless you're always using a new pipe your always smoking Resin. You heat up and burn the resin when you smoke weed so your still smoking resin just throwing weed on top of it.

  • You didn't take a rasin rip bro u a joke

  • I don't know about everyone else. When I smoke the resin from my bowl, I get high almost like how some low-med grade hash gets me. Your resin depends on the weed it's coming from. Sometimes mine tastes sweet because some of the weed I get has a strong fruity taste. Usually doesn't taste bad. Does the job in a pinch. 

  • I actually came across a bit of green while scraping waiting for this shit to dry out

  • That shirt is dope as hell

  • lol fuck that im broke asf and rez be gettin me stooooooooned

  • I dont smoke resin im broke but still no resin for me

  • can you do a tutorial video on how to scrape the resin out of a bowl? PLEASSEEE

  • i have smoked resin that got me higher than a gram of good weed, i don't know but that shit had a lot of thc on it, it was not placebo i know exactly how high i am when i smoke, i am a frequent user of cannabis, anyway if you are smoking those same components when you smoke weed what % of the damage weed will do to your body will be in the resin? probably not even worth considering if you you have to pay a big amount of money for your weed like me

  • I'm 18 I smoke resin only when I'm ALL OUT OF WEED WITCH IS LIKE once every 2-3 month's

  • placebo my ass, resin gets me a descent half high for about 20 – 40 mins from sober. even if it is placebo I'm still flying high. dank resin works better than outdoor shwag for me.