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I’ve had an awful head cold these past few days, so I figured i’d make a video about smoking with a cold! I’ve been dabbing on this Empire Wellness CBD & using this tincture to help with body aches and pains. Thought i’d give a few tips and tricks that I use when i’m sick, but still want to smoke.

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  • you shouldn't be smokin anything when you're sick… fuckin stoners man…

  • Cheers my guy stay smoking and stay loaded up

  • I noticed that in the very beginning of the video, your voice sounded so hoarse and raspy, but towards the end, it started to sound just a tiny bit better.

  • I love the pineapple lights!

  • Love that pineapple string light in the background. Thought I was trippin when they changed colours though haha 😹

  • send me a bong please 😍😍😍

  • Like will i still get the medical effect from dabbing tinchtures instead of putting it under my tongue?

  • Can you dab the cbd oil? Cause i got some cbd oil and i been only dabbing it but if your suppose to drop it under you tongue ive been doing it wrong this whole time

  • MY NAME IS ANDREW AND IM BRAND NEW TO THE YOUTUBE COMMUNITY! Im also a Medical Marijuana patient who moved from NY->NJ to become a legal patient! Im going to be making the same exact type of videos that the cannabis community creates, and i would love for your feedback on my brand new content!

  • Josh which beard oil do you use??

  • Vitamin C does nothing for colds, it's a myth.

  • lame

  • No Unboxing Videos?

  • Love smoking out and watching your videos. Tinctures usually make me sick /:

  • I take dry hits from my ssv to clear my lungs when I'm sick. I use my cold as a reason to take a weed break

  • the text on your shirt is tripping me out

  • god hes gotten so much hotter than his first video

  • ur energy just makes me so genuinely happy

  • I love these videos and you're fuckin' awesome.