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I rolled up this “sugar cane” wrap today before doing any research on it.. Apparently, it’s just a sugar cane flavored tobacco wrap… but i’m not going to waste weed soooooo I guess i’ll just have to light it up! πŸ˜›

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  • Today is my birthday, and my only wish is that weed is legal. "One part" of my wishes came true this morning. I got my new bong from giveaway Snoop Lion organised, i waited for it for 3 days, and i think it would be nice to share it with you. Find it on google, search for "gwbng420" and you will see what am i talking about πŸ™‚

  • they should make weed leaf blunt wraps

  • I'd smoke along and all, but I got the munchies, so I'll eat along.

  • You were stoooooned af in this video. Blunts over joints!

  • huh cuz you basically wasting less weed

  • IIG

    If you were going to do it, I wish you would've smoked a traditional blunt. No filter.

  • Honestly I pretty much only smoke blunts and like every hit french inhale never had my nose enflame or anything

  • Yea idk ive tried so many times to explain to people how to blow O's its so hard

  • Being honest about what you don't want for you life, does NOT make you a pussy.

  • your so high!!!????

  • are the blunt wraps made of processed tobbacco leaf or "raw" tonbaccoo. there are studies now that suggest the added cjemicals on cigs make the nicoten adictive nut nicoten itself is not addictive. i am not ssying its fact just that i read a study about it. if i ever smoked a blunt i would use a hemp leaf blunt. love the vids!

  • you should maybe do some educational videos on mixing weed and tobacco (poppers, batch bowls) and the positive and negative effects

  • smoke a game leaf or a backwood lol nooooooooooooooooooooooo[oooooo josh stay away and stay medicated

  • What is your age, because if you start smoking at a young age, you are susceptible to addiction. Sure there are no withdrawal symptoms, but weed can mess with your mentality.

  • Yooo I can relate I used always French inhale every hit and then wonder why u feel like shit then I started to just hit it right and just hitting it the right way you can feel the difference almost like if you'd feel the damage with French inhale I only do it like 2 max with my blunts now

  • i smoke blunts all the time literally amost everyday and i cant stand hitting cigarettes

  • Josh you are stoned

  • how the hell do you talk out a blunt ??

  • He tried to put out the blunt like hemp wick at the end hahahahaha

  • Im a blunt smoker fr