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I thought i’d bring it back to the basics today & just have a quick joint session, while I ramble about my favorite papers, glass tips, and other ways to roll!!

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  • Why roll it into a cylinder it's shit a nice cone is much better

  • I've never used a glass tip for joints, I imagine they would be prone to slipping out. I always just roll my own crutch.

  • you should use the futurola joint roller. with that one yu get the coneshape. And theres a tommy chong version of it what makes it extra cool:)

  • If im a Doctor can i smoke weed?

  • He would be a really atractive fella if he shaved.

  • Faze banks?

  • bro you got weak lung or something? because it clearly looks like you cant hold it in. Just wasting all that thc breathing it out instead of absorbing it.

  • Have u ever tried lion pride papers @straincentral

  • how did i miss this???

  • I wonder how many of us smoked one as well watching this video.

  • Can you make a "how to roll a joint tutorial" (whilst also showing us how to 'tuck" the joint properly)? I really need to learn lol. Hope you're having a great day dude. Cheers!!! XD

  • if you buy a chillum an use tin foil and put holes in it if you can't get access to a screen mesh things and put a hole in bottle and shotty hole at top boom you got a good plastic "free" bong the chillum costs £1 tin foil free bottle free

  • So in love with this dude

  • Can weed fuck up my Lungs??

  • Are you Shaggy?

  • I smoked a photocopy of my friends birth certificate

  • Bud just sitting in the right hand corner and distracting me…

  • You always make my day.? keep making amazing videos!??

  • I hate when people hold a joint or blunt in between there first and middle finger

  • Love your videos dude keep it up ✌?️