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So I ended up rolling up a hemp blunt to smoke for a quick session! Put some Black Cherry Soda in this grape hemp wrap to see what it would taste like! 😛

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  • Nah weed will be never be 50/60 dollar per gr in Europe , it's about 10 euro for a g / spain is a good as Cali

  • youre full of shit lol a blunt has nothing to do with my weed

  • Weed in Ca is hella flavorful ???

  • Never rolled a blunt? Wow. My high ass is mind blown

  • I smoke blunts everyday yes I live in a illegal state but I go to the legal states (Colorado for me it's the closest) I just love blunts I don't smoke cigs hate them

  • In cali a gram is like 10$

  • naa I get dank oz for 160 fam

  • I live in Nebraska and I have only smoked a blunt one time and I didn't like it and the blunt was a good quality wrap from zigzag anyway I like to smoke with pipes​, bongs, joints​, and dabs are my favorite and yes even though I am in an illegal State I can get dabs it's not easy but I can get them

  • Who needs flavour when you have munchies?

  • I live in Germany and pay 10$ for 1 Gram. I never heard of someone who payed more tahn 15$ for 1 Gram, where do you have your info´s from?

  • I'm from fort worth and all I smoke from is from swishers or rillos that's about it

  • I love your videos man. however, my two cents on the blunt topic I think it just matters on your traditions. I know that with my friends we always like to roll a good blunt because it's a social thing, not because we don't like the flavor of our weed. although I would agree that a bong or vaporizer brings out the great flavors from the bud but to be honest it's not for everyone I still prefer a blunt

  • Dc and Maryland we smoke sheets and funnel and backwoods

  • Damn papers actually have gotten me higher

  • josh needs to up his game on illegal states, alot of misconceptions being spread.

  • we have good weed in holland and i pay 60 euros for 5 grams of amnesia haze in a coffee shop ( some places might be a bit more or less) here you can only buy 5 grams a day at a coffee shop, you can visit more coffee shops in one day but its expensive and as alot of people smoke here it seems that spliffs are the general way of rolling a "joint " also as you say it helps make your weed last longer.. However, when I lived in New Zealand, we rolled pure joints. If you put anything in a joint like tobbaccoo in New Zealand it was a hanging offense lol. Now that I have stopped smoking I am intending to get a good herbal vape until my home grow comes in, then its pure joints again for me! love the vids, hoghfromholland 🙂

  • It's already 420 here in the Netherlands!!!!

  • my friend was payin 100 for a quarter of some mids while stuck in fuckin idaho lmao

  • Smoke a blunt or Joint on your rooftop at night #prettychill

  • Shout out from PSICO2!