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This has probably actually been one of the heaviest requested videos i’ve ever made. As someone who tries to stay away from tobacco, i’ve never really had the desire to face a blunt. When these sage blunt cones got sent my way, my mind changed quickly though! 😛

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  • Xcodeh?

  • You've inspired me to try have a active cannabis Channel

  • So I have been smoking blunts for a while but I have never been high ! Am I doing it wrong ? I thought it was pretty simple just inhale and exhale

  • Are there any none tobacco blunts? Just wondering.

  • Now he is forever addicted to sage, oh why did he have fall victim to the peer pressure of YouTube comments!

  • Wait….. Is he gaaaay???!?

  • primal herbal cones are great if you don't like tobacco. they burn smooth, taste great, and are 100% natural.

  • They have some blunts that are made from hemp

  • hello my name is josh………… and TODAAAAAAAAAY

  • Kinda sucks that josh didn't hope we were smoking along and dabbing a long to his video

  • Nah I think blunts are easier to roll

  • Blowing weak ass smoke out lol

  • The inhales are very small, when I smoke blunts the shits got a shit ton of smoke coming out my mouth but I normally use a paper mouthpiece or no mouthpiece at all

  • Josh, try an Ontario popper

  • Turn ur wall of stickers n shit into the shape of USA on the map

  • hey strain Central if you just lick the tip your finger and to help with the canoeing of a blunt with the damn part of your finger touch the part with canoeing and help tremendously

  • So I'm 19 and I'm going to start smoking weed and I don't know the point of a cardboard filter on a joint what is it

  • sage also keeps the ghosts away lol

  • watched the whole video and still can't make out what the fuck that tattoo is