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Smoke on the Water Strain Review: Jonah Gil smokes on some Jonah on the water with Pot P.C.A.’s Jeff, along with three NugPorn Invitational Strain Reviewers.


  • I love how everyone pokerfaced then proceeded to cough up a lung lol

  • i dont care if weed is legal or illegal i will always smoke it

  • 2:45 that guy in the blue didn't like it.

  • is that a green screen?

  • whats the song on here?

  • @slowmopoke yeah dude 30 percent

  • Smokin bud with the buds (:

  • You seem like such awesome people to toke with
    Keep the reviews comin!

  • wasnt johan tested to about 30% thc?'

  • I've been watching all of your reviews and I must say you're the best. Keep the videos coming! 🙂

  • @zb813 🙂 not the first time i've asked nor the last…

  • @nugporn forgot to mention some states do honor other states cards. for instance, Montana accepts any states card.

  • @blair170 technically you're not allowed to smoke across state lines. that said from what i understand, the ticket within Denver city limits for under an oz of pot is $1 with a $99 processing fee.

  • @blair170 if they have a hook up in colorado they could have been given bud. they may not have gone into a collective and you're right about the other state medical card thing

  • how do the people from cali smoke in colorado. i thought state cards only work within the state. except for rhode island and montanta…thats what i was told? if you could clear that up that would be great

  • the LA reviewer coughed! hahaha this bowl of amber glass in my bubbler, dry with no water is dedicated to the choker.

  • irvine lake…

  • sweet video, thanks for posting