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Smoke on the Water: Cat Piss

The second in the 3 part “Smoke on the Water” series of strain reviews for POT PCA in Anaheim, CA! Gil sits down with Jeff from Pot PCA and NugPorn Invitational Reviewers Atomic Haze, BigSonny, and Rhydon to review Cat Piss on the lake.


  • Lake Newmolonies…………!!! 🙂

  • @Merkaba4203 very tripppppy

  • man you guys are cool, lol we should all be friends ha ha

  • @Lantho650 foreal! fuk these fags! they act like they know weed but are far from it! they dont even live in cali……pfft!

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  • aint nothing like cat piss…lol…nice way to get the day started…some people just dont understand…

  • tastes like my cat was eatin' tropical fruit lifesavers

  • the guy in the blue shirt doesn't inhale -_-

  • Wut no fuckin way Jeff the guy steering the boat wus my first ever bud tender when I got my card that's FUCKIn AWESOME he works at P.O.T in anaheim he's chill as fuck rig on Jeff lol

  • I think you just set a new level when it comes to strains, just have everyone there chilling smoking and talking about the strain. Great work

  • @chrislee210android if you like the song in any strain review vid, you can always check the credits at the end! This vid is rockin' "2am" by Slightly Stoopid! Thanks for watching!

  • what song is this?

  • Good stuff guys. Love the website btw

  • @soulleskill oh by the way…. THANKS FOR THE LOVE :bongrip:

  • @soulleskill upcoming vids will have even better quality weed clips!

  • @Merkaba4203 it was a fun day! we did 4 strain reviews, but only 3 had useable audio (very unfortunate)…

  • @shurwipe2 @Kickaha420 sorry about the audio on this one! I'm still new to video production, and learning. the mic was on a stand, and it was picking up noise from the boat. next time someone will hold the mic over our heads instead!!! i've heard having a body holding the mic will stop sounds coming from the "ground".

  • I dig the floating on the water. Kind of trippy.

  • next video get sound right it sucked but good review

  • niiice camera man, i could see every detail xDD and good strains !