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SL Caregivers – Premium Dispensary Tour – News Apr 23, 2013 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

SL Caregivers
1126 S. Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90006

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  • There is NO Cherry Pie in Girl Scout Cookies

  • They closed this store,it was on western,no longer open

  • Is this dispensary in tha hood?

  • Can I come in if I'm white?

  • There was a guy who got busted for posting videos like this. Why are people still doing this?

  • Forever she said

  • Dumbass Thot 

  • small ass popcorn nugs fuck that shit

  • buds look too dry and shakey… even their best strain looks like it has been through like 5 other hands before ending up in this dispensary…

  • there is no cherry pie in girl scout cookies.

  • "medication"….ha riiiiiiiiiiight…..what a sham

  • She sounds so monotone and she makes it awkwardly obvious of the script she's reading.

  • How in the fuck did 18 people like this comment? Ignorance runs dense these days.

  • haha

  • Lots of black people 😀 ♥♡♥

  • 0:39 dat face tho lol

  • so you have to be black to go in there…. yeah great marketing idea. lol

  • wow i need find a good dispensary
    im running out of my bud because of my schedule and lack of car aren't letting me get to any dispensaries the last medical bud i bought was from crappy CNH in Upland
    i might hit up UWC cuz i heard theyre affordable like 1 up but with legit hours

  • I'll see u soon I'm sold on that cherry

  • That nugga berner is plugging em