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Sinful Medibles Honey – News Aug 28 2012 – Visit and search menus for Sinful Medibles locations. Visit for more information.


  • I'm legal in Michigan. How do I get some of this?

  • i dont care if you dont want to hear about my life it makes no difference to me either way i dont care im not affected by your decision because your entitled to your own opinion just like i am entitled to my own opinion and im leaving it at that

  • *your* damn typos

  • if your life is all about judging others' sins and paying you bills you don't live a life i want to hear about anyway…

  • Though i don't need to hear your life story, I am sorry you're so unhappy. But I have to ask do you not understand fallacy? Take a good look at yourself and how you compare yourself to others…

  • because the mother fucker who i caught red handed in my fucking house tryin to steal my grow equiptment was high as fuck on meth so i dont give a fuck ill talk all the shit all i want about meth addicts and crackheads i cant stand the mother fuckers yeah i said it mother fuckers i work my ass off roofing houses for a living the kind of hard work you probably know nothing about and ohh yeah i dont care to understand your vocabulary, because your vocabulary is not paying my bills

  • *said you spoke down*

  • What does the act of someone breaking into your house have to do with ingesting addicting chemicals? That's an utter fallacy. Negative people like you are why drug addicts are so low, hard to seek help for an affliction and adjust to society when you are stigmatized for past actions right out of the gate. I never said you were spoke down on cannabis, I'm saddened a fellow stoner speaks down on his fellow man. I'm sorry you do not understand my vocabulary, but the insults speak to your character

  • where does it say they arnt sinful when i have a fucking tweeker who broke into my house hows that not sinful? and just to let you know i was in no way speaking down on cannabis ive been growing it for years so why the fuck would i be talkin shit about it why? because i made one simple comment about a products name and you take it as if im putting weed down in general thats fucking retarded paradoxical term of endearment hahaha!! now thats some real dork terminology right there

  • Remind me, where again does it say cocaine and meth are sinful? You're being incredibly ignorant, people with addictions are not sinners, have some compassion you hypocrite, how dare you speak for cannabis with that hateful attitude.

    Oh and this amazing honey is "sinfully sweet," a well established, all be it paradoxical, term of endearment. Next time why don't you thinking before you express your lazy, generalizing, and all too literal thoughts.

  • Was it made by stoned bee's?

  • Drizzle a little on your mushroom tip and watch as your girl enjoys with enthusiasm. Its a great way to start your day and she'll enjoy it also 🙂

  • LMFAO this is awsome

  • I think you people are taking Sinful out of context…

  • i wonder why they chose such a negative name for thier product not to say that its a bad product because im sure its not the name just dosnt fit the aspect of the product and what it represents cannabis in no way is sinful porn,non loving sex, cocaine, hookers, and meth are sinful not marijuana i feel that if they changed the name of thier product they might have better sales with it just a thought no harm intended

  • Look under Benefits Of Honey . com when you get there look under Honey Nutrition Facts.

  • mmm looks hella goooooooooood xO

  • i just jizzed

  • i need this!