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“Silver Kush” (Strain Review)


Silver Kush is a cross between (Silver Bubble x OG-18) and provides you with a creative, happy, and energetic Sativa dominant hybrid high! It smells like hashy lemon and tastes more like a lemon chemdawg. It would be great for those suffering from Depression, Stress, and Nausea! Overall I give this strain a [6.5/7]


  • the silver bubble is super silver haze x bubblegum. OG18 is a pheno of original OG but with better yield. california Reserva privada

  • Pipe, Blue King

  • Ahhh rad, Fetus Josh did a strain with my name in it haha.

  • smoking on some GDP. cheers ????

  • Gorilla Glue 4…lovely

  • Smoking a Joint right and watch your review perfect for bedtime

  • smoking this shit today! YEE

  • well i'm watching this on a wednesday, but like 11 months later :D

  • Actually I think it is from California apparently

  • Smoking on some platinum Kush from the UK got a decent bit for once loving your channel Josh piece✌?️✌?

  • You should do smoke tricks when you smoke those j's.Cheers bro watch your vids daily from college in Iowa City

  • Smoking Ninja turtle and Exodus Kush at the moment!!!!! #wavy

  • Smoking granddaddy purple trying to get an early sleep tonight

  • I have to try this one. I'm smoking on Smirnoff I'm pretty sure what ever the real name was lost in a game of telephone between stoners because I have researched and found nothing but champagne kush. To me it taste like baked goods with a tiny bit of lemon (which surprised me because it smelled way different) lol 

  • Favorite strain ever indica as fuck!

  • I smoked a strain called yeezy a couple months ago. I would have guessed it was lemon diesel or something it tasted and smelled super lemony and diesely and skunky haha. I just thought of that when you said you would have guessed it was lemon chem something. I often watch your strain reviews before I make a strain review for inspiration. You kill it man!

  • I am from traverse city Michigan and I am smoking a fat ass joint right along with y'all, cheers and good smoking 

  • do a strain review on iced widow

  • I smoke mostly at night so I stay away from sativa. That shit keeps me awake, but people say that's bs. I know what i feel though. My favorite is master kush.

  • Personal favorite, Pineapple Express must try ?
    Keep up the good word favorite stoner youtuber