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I’ve heard the question, “should I grind my weed?”, quite a bit over the last few weeks, so I thought i’d make a full topic video on it! It’s quite a subjective topic, so it’s hard to give a definite answer!

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  • The west coast is the best coast. ?? forever.

  • I use a 4 piece grinder. I mostly vape or bong, so I really like a nice fine grind with my herb. Cheers!

  • what's the best way to store herb? I've heard of fridge/freezer methods but live with the fam and can't risk someone opening up the fridge to find a container full of stash XD What's the best way to store herb to preserve them if you buy a quarter a time and usually smoke it all within a week?

  • i had a grinder that i really liked because of its size, like bigger than a half dollar. metal, had a peace sign on it, it was pretty cool.
    my mom thought the same thing, so she went to the store and got one that looked just like mine except hers was the size of a dime.
    then the day came where i thought i was losing my mind and all my stuff was shrinking in size. she switched mine out with hers, pretended like she didn't do anything.
    parenting 101

  • i dont really grind ill break it in2 2or 3 peices if the weed is super dence

  • I'll pop a whole bud in only if its really dry and kind of crunch as i push it in. I've recently gone the way of grinding 90% of the time and more recently got a 4 piece grinder.
    My old grinder was just a one piece or just the chamber and a lid, made of acrylic. Honestly it sucks because the kief just sticks to the sides and builds up making it harder to turn unless i keep it clean. In which case, at some point in the process i'm losing material.
    I feel that i go through a quarter slower if i grind then if i just plop buds in the bowl. It also eliminates the smaller sticks which can give a bad taste, sometimes.

  • I'n the uk we say bud,buj and some loud

  • I've switched from breaking with my fingers to grinding every bowl and joint. I love the switch. Personally the task of grinding is fun to me and I now get to enjoy my keif(:

  • Grind it in a 4 piece medium metal grinder, just keep the grinder clean. I use Herb Preserve to help preserve my dro/weed.

  • 'What up everyone, my name would be Josh' – love it!!! :-)

  • man stop saying herb

  • background song?

  • I live in Vegas so my herb dryes out in 2 days so I can use my fingers

  • I say erb but sometimes I say herb

  • I always use a grinder. I have a four piece that I use mostly for ease of use. I'm a frequent smoker so I will grind a bit too much up at one time and store it in there for a day or so. I like that there's always some ready and I can take it with me anywhere too.

  • Americans are the only english speakers that say "erb"

  • We say Kush in toronto

  • what about scissor chopping?

  • the finer ground the weed is, the better the joint/blunt… anyone agree?

  • I have the same opinions you do. It all depends on the situation. I honestly break up my herbs with my fingers more often, but I keep my grinder for when it is called for.