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Second Story Collective – Premium Green Dispensary Tour – Visit our Weedmaps listing for current house hours and menus.

Second Story Collective:
1820 E. Garry Ave. Suite #221
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(949) 302-2616


  • Fucking dumb music is too loud

  • The mission of 2nd story is to make as much money as possible by ripping people off. 

  • Legitimate attempts at a business such as this s are run out of town. They have more to lose. Now,  chance taking "low life's" that only care about the buck seem to pop up and run at the first sign. Good thing is, I'm always a new patient everywhere I go. I wish there were more professional establishments, being that the average age patient is 41-55 years. You never see a white lab coat, which should be the first image if you want to make this movement work. Tattoos don't fly here, but are great for the recreational user. I would do one that the DOCTORS would feel comfortable going to.

  • working on setting one up in Yucca Valley CA


  • That was a funny commercial when your lifted.

  • Not a good video.

  • If u like $70 a gram for anything decent check this spot out

  • So no strain reviews or glass showcases is over a year. This is why i dont watch weedmaps tv

  • Does a dispensary run by professional looking and speaking businesspeople exist? I have yet to find one. 

  • If you notice they always say they have the best,I'm sick and tired of these ass holes lying.there not helping patients they don't give a fuck about them but only their $$$.

  • Sucks I cant find any concentrates where I live. Never tried them but seeing that huge piece he had omg!

  • dude thinks its a hip hop video and wat the fk is a strand looooool

  • Background music needs to be louder

  • What a fucking tool

  • What happened to the Old, Reviewing-Strain-Gil?

  • dude is cool. better than awkward models. "from 10am to like midnight" had me cracking up

  • Lmao joke ass rapper

  • Haha strands…

  • no gloves? fail.