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SEATTLE HEMPFEST 2015! – (Day 2/3)


Got a couple highlights of the wonderful Hempfest weekend!

Ended up getting a whole ton of shaky footage that wasn’t quite usable, but i’m glad I had enough to throw something together! Need to get a steady mount before the next big event!!

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  • score some good Columbia gold bud……………………………………………….smooth and sweet to the taste  yeeeeeeeeeeeeeea

  • Lmao the dude with the man united jacket is in Jolie's video
    But he took it off on this one , obviously it's too warm an he's too stoned by the looks of things 

  • Keep up the great videos my friend thanks for sharing, This B.O.P.E is for you and all your viewers #BoltsOfPositiveEnergy in motion!

  • That couple in the background man 0.0

  • cheers dude reminds me of bonnaroo but without the music and people shooting up

  • cheers n hell ya cool to see a nice day for ya, awesome vid

  • Wait so Seattle has recreational now?

  • Looks like a fun time! The people at the end bombing your video made me giggle lawl.

  • dam that big blunt was insane!! great vid josh and awesome to see that canabis is growing

  • Kudos josh! Do you live in WA? Keep doing what you do!!

  • hey josh!

  • if i was you i would have turned around while filming and told those ppl to f off

  • The two people behind you are kind of weird & creepy. Lovely video loved that 16 inch glass.And the, what was it a pretzel pipe?

  • +strain central I've subscribed to your channel about a month ago and your videos are awesome man keep the positive vibes going . Your energy attracts people all around the world. Keep up the good work !! Thanks josh have an awesome day . Cheers ! Have you met tommy Chong? I heard he was located at the hemp fest .

  • wish i was there so i could of met you haha but anyways love the channel bro 
    -stay stoney

  • SOOO much better weather to show love for the weeds! Now im jealous, lol Cheers Josh! your the shit!

  • Lol potting ton rig!!! I need you to show me how to make a vid like this

  • did lolpottington gift you some awesome meds

  • Bro could you please tell me where you got that neff shirt that looks like a flag