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Seasons Greetings from WeedPorn!


  • pathetic losers trying to gain popularity off of legit people in the industry. You are pathetic a poorly trained advertiser no 3rd party opinions on anything…..i wouldnt eat or smoke anything this amateur craps out of his mouth…your pathetic william breathes

  • uhh wtf did i just watch

  • hilarious guys:) fuck them gromets

  • @slugsupinbetween or maybe he has a legitimate job where they would fire him if they found out he did reviews for weed haha

  • all you haters…shut the fuck up smoke a bowl and chill…CANT WE ALL JUST GET A BONG???

  • @slugsupinbetween I'm not worried about someone "doing something" because of a bad review. I stay anonymous so I don't get treated different from other patients going into dispensaries. My job is to write real reviews of dispensaries for my paper, and much like restaurant critics have done for 50+ years, I do that best when my identity isn't known. Hope that clears it up some.

  • @slugsupinbetween I

  • @nugporn lol dont be discouraged I thought it was clever haha. People are just haters

  • i guess the idea is that weed makes for a great gift for the right person… but if not that, im sorry to say, there really was no point to this video.

  • Gil do you have a sister named Brenda?

  • fuck man at first i thought that was gonna be a bow on a fat bag of weed but then it was just a christmas tree and it felt like i just watched a rickroll video…

  • @frwyguy

    Someone needs to chill out and smoke a bowl.

  • @WilliamBreathes haters gunna hate, there is really nothing to do about it but let them have their trip.

  • @h00k3d0nchr0n1x LMAO schwag out of coke can was exactly how it all started for me in middle school.

  • @williambreathes I like how people don't believe you..? Anyways I hope you guys had a merry christmas, and as for all these middle school kids talking trash on your page. I wouldn't get down on it, these people need to watch videos on YouTube to see good pot. They probably smoke schwag out of coke cans. Thanks for all your videos and time whether they be long or short, some of us actually appreciate them.

  • I write for Denver's WESTWORD newspaper. Feel free to search my stuff online. Merry Xmas folks.

  • @WilliamBreathes i smell bullshit!

  • Ben

    @nugporn no it takes a good video. and all your vids are crappy. i like the setup and the camera qauilty, but you guys arent very likeable, as far as the general public of potheads. but I can't hate because you guys some some gooood shit, and alot so keep doing that, but make the vids more entertaining. peaccceee

  • @WilliamBreathes lol! STFU! u aint no pot critic! lol! GTFO!!

  • Apparently it takes more than a quarter lb of CO finest along with Toro and Vertigo glass on the table to make everyone around here fill with holiday cheer… Lesson learned… hehehe

    Happy Holidays!!! 🙂