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SD Bonghit

I was with our March invitational strain reviewer Oldschool1972 from the community. This one is him at the helm. This is Oldschool1972’s glass! The strain is Super Bubba…


  • Cuz they'd rather smoke more bud and space it out as opposed to packing .7g bowls and getting blazed

  • why dont you guys ever pack fat bowls

  • thats a snap foo

  • amazing camera quality sir

  • @revolutionoctave Bob Marley – Coming in from the cold.
    It's so hard to make out the lyrics, you wouldn't believe the search terms I used to find this on Google:
    lyrics reggae "baby" "from the" "we're going" "coming"
    lol 😀

  • wooo!

  • What song is that? Also what type of bong is that?