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Scomo Moanet Mini Bishop (Glass Review)


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Scomo Moanet – []

Suuuuuper stoked to finally have a somewhat heady piece of glass in my collection! 😛 This slyme Scomo Moanet Mini Bishop is a CHUGGER, one of the most unique oil rigs i’ve ever seen. It was blown by Scott Moan out of Salem, OR.

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  • you took way too long to take that dab

  • can u use this for flower if you put a bowl on it?

  • пунекегшнллпрау8щз

  • Yeah it does look like you had a lot of water in it.

  • Yo, Im local headshop has Scomo and that same piece is $200.. I really thinking bout getting the same one!!! Think it's a rig that will require rezblock or it'll clog the perc. Should I buy it Josh? Or save my money for the Pulse Shrub rig….. AH can't decide

  • One of his calmest intro's.

  • Pretty sure thats an upline perc to honeycomb.

  • I'm from Salem OR

  • upline perc

  • My friend you just earned a sub. Stay lifted

  • man up take a big dab,,,

  • Damn I'm watching this vid here in Eugene Oregon!!! There is amazing glass here! Cheers josh!

  • This honestly reminds me of the the Auckland sky tower!! (NZ)

  • that or a spline perc

  • i wanna say thats an upline perc man

  • idk if this was answered but the divets that u were confused on are basicly natural percs that are stacked up that add diffusion or like a ripple perc cheers and have a nice day josh !!!!!

  • Grav Labs has a piece that uses that kind of perc. They call it the upline.

  • Bro… Check out my latest video. I have a nice piece of glass. Just like this.. But it was made BY SCOMO MOANET!!! PLEASE CHECK IT OUT

  • Couple of these pieces were at my smokeshop! It was amazing seeing them after this video!!! Cheers Josh

  • Mak

    Its upline percs