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SC Labs: Overmedicating – News Nov 20, 2012 – In this episode of Know Your Medicine, join Dr. Bonni Goldstein as she sits down with three other experienced cannabis experts, and discusses with them the importance of mediating your medicinal intake.

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  • ???????

  • Morpheus- Hello Michael hope all is well.   I was one of your first patients at the CRC-Zsircher.  I still recall you informing me of this article of overmedicating back in 04'.  Wow how time flies.  I have to admit everything you mentioned and taught us patients  about the golden era has become true and I truly miss your MMJ knowledge.  I stop by the new CRC when I am able and the staff has continued to provide professional service. 
          The last time we spoke you were working with Montell Williams.  Anyways it is good to see you (video) and know you are still an active member of our MMJ community. 

  • Marijuana is wholesome

  • First of all i want to thank you for creating tis video. It really hits home on the scientific aspects of marijuana. I think this is something that needs to be first and foremost with regards to marijuana consumption. There are many negatives to starting out with marijuana especially with strong strains the need for further education should be explicit and warning when it comes to these strains. I do not see how there is a need for different strains of marijuana that are hybridized with 75%+ content of Delta (9)THC. Yes it may be helpful with pain but really do you need to create strains with this much THC. As it is pointed out in the video, this could induce neurotoxicity.  In addition look at the true benefits for CBD'S this is the true miracle worker. Not enough of strains are being developed with high CBD content rather that high THC. Thre focus really need to laced upon high CBD's due to there benefits. The other issue is accuracy of the amount consumed. I am not for sure, but the dosages need to be more quantitative that qualitative. If this can be managed better perhaps then there will be less of the adverse effects patients experience when consuming marijuana products.

  • yeah i love how these pinhead born again hippie scientists come out of the woodward when money becomes involved as our plant becomes mainstream, they dont know shit in reality, shove your science tools up your tight assholes

  • I noticed since I started taking about 90 to 100 mg of THC at night orally, I often can skip any use during the day unless I'm having a very bad day pain wise. And I haven't gotten into the tolerance and habituation problems like I did like when I was narcotics. If you want to talk about addictive and dangerous things, it would be narcotics. 

  • They must be credible scientists.. just look at all that fancy equipment! 

  • They keep eluding to these long term "effects"but never tell you what they are because …..THERE ARENT ANY !…Get educated and be responsible with everything because we all take pharmaceutical drugs and drink alcohol which kills brain cells in minutes but we are still lying to ourselves about a plant ….I trust mother nature more than Uncle sam 

  • I guess this make sense. I mean, it's good to be disciplined even with our meds right? You can't get any higher after a certain threshold. But if you're a stoner fuck like me, you don't give a shit and want to smoke as much bud as possible. 

  • I wouldn't hire some douche bag to tell me negative things about weed. Nobody has the right to limit another person's intake of a natural herb, unless it's harming someone else.

  • I'm ah proud stoner!

  • I feel like, who the hell has the right to dictate what is a proper dose for me? The proper dose for medical use or recreational use is whatever dose the smoker wishes to take. 

  • Thanx! Alovermedicated contestant's this bowl's for you.

  • Is marajuana a
    Does it create dependency.yes
    Very psychological controversial matter.anything consumed to a significant amount of course is harm full.look at how bad heroin and coke and crack should 7 grams of cann… to one gram of co ke.yet somehow it still manages to get in the country.I honestly think weed does help in certain aspect of health as far as creating laughter and up lifting moods.anxiety.insomnia.besides medical use we can't have today youth getn high.

  • lol theyre credentials are like 3 years this hasnt been around for long….

  • Is this fucking serious?

  • All the stupid misrepresentation problems are the symptoms of prohibition. But it may also be true that a person stoned out their mind or far out there on other substances(illegal or pharma FDA GOV approved) are not necessarily sick. Society itself maybe a sick toxic poisonous cancerous environment with the natural response of many people being to escape by any means necessary for your own sanity and salvation.

  • if it was fully legalized there would be no one signed up for a medical card, unless it had some expensive benfit over just smoking it legally

  • will not and cannot -_-

  • IM FEENIN! I NEED MY GREEN! Fucking ridiculous. Scientists figuring out how to create a rehabilitation like system to not "abuse" a plant. Nevertheless, a plant that will cannot harm you. I have used cannabis for the last 7 years for anxiety and insomnia. There has been months that I have quit for, no dependency.