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SC Labs: Genetic Fingerprinting In this episode of Know Your Medicine, join Dr. Bonni Goldstein as she sits down with three other experienced cannabis experts, and discusses with them the the advances in science that have allowed scientists to delve deeper into cannabis strains mapping out their DNA.

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  • I see a day when your family doctor can prescribe a strain that helps every issue or medical problem.That won't happen until the conservatives stop living in the 1940's. We need science to help I.D as much as possible to help people in the best way the medical profession can. And that means gov money to fund research.
    NO synth drugs if possible.

  • Educate these young kids about this shit so they won't think it's bad????????????

  • what a shame original native strains have being victims of the drug war. I am sure that the plant has still alot to teach and the potenial for its use is yet to be discovered. not to overglorify the herb but more research. Put those chemicals in a centalfudge and experiment more.

  • THC, CDB content are the biggest variations but really don't mean much. It's really all about taste and high.

  • OG kush and bubblegum hash is all you need

  • Whats the difference between all the strains? What makes one strain better or worse than another strain?

  • these people are bs …i want my 2 mins back …. genetic fingerprinting is bs cause there is no known strain of weed that is pure enough to test to get a true genetic finger print ..all strains are crossed and recrossed with crap then recrossed agian .. and some are clone only

  • The genetic profiling of cannabis will start out as a very big knot which the botanists and chemists will have to undo. I'm sure they will expect to find 100's of vastly different genetic profiles, all of which are claimed to be the real "O.G. Kush".

    It will be interesting to see which seed banks, breeders, clone suppliers, and growers have the 'accepted genuine article', and who will be found out to have been lying (or duped/mistaken).

  • My grandfather told me about him cheefin on some acapulco gold, and that real good colombian grass. ahhhhh i was born 30 years to late 😉

  • wish i could get a hold of some of that medical grade herb, nuthin but mexican dirt weed in texas

  • XD

  • These segments are too short, there is so much more to be discussed. You should try making a 20 min video on these topics.

  • neo nazis

  • o.k

  • wow those folks are getting down! talking about strains in past history thats whats up

  • Im so wrong… So what do you think dank OG's smell like shit or have no smell. Your a fuckin idiot! Some weak sativas smell real good but there not that strong. But really good OG strains will stink up a whole room if you open the jar.

  • there trying to take over the market..and its working

  • so wrong…sorry charlie..ive smelled killer smelling buds and they were shit strains

  • thank you..