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SC Labs: Cultivation Regulation In this episode of Know Your Medicine, join Dr. Bonni Goldstein as she sits down with three other experienced cannabis experts, and discusses with them how restrictions on cultivation could lead to safer and cleaner medicine.


  • This is some Good Shit… Ah Yo, +Nattie G +James Kincaid +2 Strainz I thought about ya'll when I seen this post… #AllNatural   #PureOrganic   #FuckChem   #CleanGreenCertified  

  • What a great video… I want to repost this video on my page… This is some deep stuff…. 

  • i really like your series about knowing your medicine, however this video i do not agree with. as an agronomist i feel that you guys have stigmatized use of PGRs and  are spreading misinformation on the safety and scientific knowledge of such.

  • I'm going to hope that you still don't think decriminalization is a good idea.

  • marijuana use is at an all time high and more kids are smoking it than cigarettes, which is good in retrospect because cigarettes cause cancer, id rather have my kid smoking weed over cigs. if marijuana was legal, people wouldn't have to "settle" for the way things are now (competition drives the price down, maybe you enjoy paying more?) think big picture and not just about your yourself, once discrimination against marijuana smokers ends ill be satisfied.

  • FUck you assholes!!! What youre saying would put thousands of hard working growers in the streets! FUCK YOU! BURN IN HELL!!! Are you saying all weed should come from one grower monopoly?…youre scum




  • legalization would bring a lot of bullshit, government control of the product(like our medical community up here in Canada…..)Kids would be smoking and getting it just like they get cigarettes, black markets to undercut the government etc. The fact is, you dont have to be terminally ill to benefit from Cannabis. Most people can get access to a med card, and use the system in place in the US med states

  • johny sins

  • why don't you want it legalized? you are incredibly selfish.

  • These guys just want to form a industry they can control. Do what you want to your flowers. Bottom line you will never know what goes into your medicine until you grow it yourself. which I can bet more then 90% of patients don't and I bet a high amount of patients are just bs people that want to smoke cannabis. Grow your own, smoke your own, and live well. I hate to say this but weedmaps and everything else that has to do with medical cannabis is a big mistake. Cannabis strives by it self. The

  • i agree, i dont advocate legalization, rather see it medicalized or at least decriminalized. there are so many beautiful properties of cannabis other than THC

  • If regulation only occurred with cultivators (was Corral calling for a ban on inorganic fertilisers?) it would be worse than a regulated market which also included sales. Simple things like age limits for purchase & good product labeling could make a considerable difference for the better.

  • Organic soil > MericalGrow

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  • Ppl that are in it for the profit, just do us a favor & stop now. Need good ppl doing it right with organics & with love.

  • Ur a bad person if u use super blooms for your flowers. keep it clean & good for the body.

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  • our own governement has already authorized people are not smart enough to make that decision. clearly seen through the new GMO having NOT to put a label on the food designating it to be GMO. its very embarassing to know that GMO doesn't have to be labeled and the FDA actually is ok with that. The FDA is also ok with thousands of prescriptions, poison, and foods that are harmful to people, but the FDA isn't ok with mmj, a horrible consequence of du-pont (historically) and monsantos (recently).