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SC Labs: Advantages of Outdoor Growing In this episode of Know Your Medicine, join Dr. Bonni Goldstein as she sits down with three other experienced cannabis experts, and discusses with them the benefits of growing medicine outdoors rather than indoors.


  • if you folks know everything about growing why are you searching through these videos? it does not matter how long you have been gardening, no one knows everything. people should be open to learning what they can from people who know things they don't.

  • And what about the humidity levels of outside growing in certain climates that would lower the cannabinoids yielded in the plant, over the loss of 3 terpenes? 

  • No shit, Captain Obvious. Indoor guys are the biggest overcharging price gougers in this industry. Multiple crops per year to cover expenses out the ass… but still claim their bud is worth 3K+ per #. Good OD or greenhouse smells, tastes, and works better if its grown right. IMHO after 40 years of smoking the shit.

  • and shorten the into its like 40 sec

  • GROW GREEN HOUSE WITH HIERLOOM STRAINS Chemdawg, Snowman aka orginal sour d, 20 year old OG kush

  • I still have a wee pinch of sativa I grew in my yard last summer from a clone. It is super sweet!

  • thcv rules:)

  • ive been testing with marijuana for half of my life hi…

  • I just cited this video … and i was told to shut up … I dont know anything…… Typical grower pseudo intellectual

  • You assholes even smoke????

  • More indoor for me…….

  • I wonder if the lack of ability to create those couple terpines comes from lack of UVB from our HID lights…I also would then wonder if you could supplement UVB with a reptile light to get those last few terpines as well as the super controlled environment of indoors? I plan to test it soon…I'm sure I'll post videos on how it goes once I do it…but til then I'll just have to wonder I guess lol.

  • i say it depends.terpenes are the smell enhancers and the aroma the plant puts out.i think its true i just cured my harvest of 707 headband 25 indoor and 25 plants outdoor.outdoor was more yield and funky.same as the indoor.but….the yield and stregnth of the terpenes of the outdoor were higher and consistant than the indoor grow

  • or at least could he have named them. Would of helped me out a lot more.

  • So what do those few Terps that only grow under the sun do health wise?

  • Pretty much legends in the community.. Probably over 50 yrs growing experience between a couple of them…

  • There is a ton of medicinal benefit in terpenes, adding what has come to be known as the "entourage effect" in strains of herb that differentiate one strain's effects from another.Not indica or sativa, but cannabinoids and terpenoids.This isn't a debate to say indoor vs outdoor are better or worse than one another, but that interestingly & obviously, there is no mimicking the sun.HPS & MH bulbs crush it & produce completely cannaseur quality herb, but r inherently unsustainable & aren't the sun

  • GET ENGLISH SUBTITLES, PLEASE! On your other videos of this type as well, information videos of THCA and CBDA, for instance. It would be very much appreciated!!

  • haha what do those terps that it can't produce actually do medically? Bold statement with no validity. You have tests online and its plain to see higher tests and a higher quality of flower is done indoors. My indoors does not have pest droppings and the last time I could tell you don't test for catapiller shit.