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Santa Fe Exchange – Premium Dispensary Tour – News Feb 23, 2013 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

Santa Fe Exchange
1905 S Santa Fe Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90021


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  • пацаны, да пришлите бошечку хоть одну … слюной давиться надоело (

  • Who else noticed it 420 min long?

  • waw so this is what the news articles where talking about when they said there where companies out there that could help you start your weed business. this is like the third third video i watch from this weed maps tv lol everyone gets the same structure oh man i was dieing at the end of this one. 336 oh man hes reachin

  • how convenient, the video is exactly 4:20

  • I dont see how they can sell eighths for 50 dollars when thats what Im getting charged here in the south….

  • Damn I miss this shop, they were legit

  • i laughed when he said "very piney" 1:19

  • looks like a great shop!

  • eventhough many people use medical marijuana recreationally ,and it is an excuse to get high,it can still benefit everyones health so long as they dont abuse it

  • id rather have small nugs that just means less stem

  • "patients" lol

  • this is like weed bucks, I who would volunteer for these mofos! 

  • If your ever in Bakersfield don't ever go to healthy holistic 

  • See all those small nugs? Good dispensaries don't sell em they use them in making oils, and concentrates, and if you want good prices or good bud or both just go to Colorado.

  • video is 4:20 minutes long coincidence i don't think so.

  • Why do all these videos say the person is a "volunteer"?

  • They probably get so much kief from putting all different weeds in the kief box.

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  • just wondering, why so expensive? I live in a state where cannabis for any use is still illegal. Im sure the quality is superb at these dispensaries but I can get really good bud for 50$ an eigth. I always thought I was paying for the risk considering its a fucking plant. anybody in Colorado these days can legally churn out a pound a month for pretty damn cheap. Where does the cost come in?

  • lab tested