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San Pedro Alternative Solutions (S.P.A.S.) – Premium Dispensary Tour – News Feb 29, 2013 – Visit our WeedMaps listing for current hours and menu.

San Pedro Alternative Solutions (S.P.A.S.)
House Of The 5 Gram 1/8th Specials!
1722 S. Gaffey Street
San Pedro, California 90731

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  • Why would you give a military discount there not allowed to smoke weed SMH

  • This spot is cool for buds. They have some killer top shelf OGs. The concentrates here are a bit lacking. Only come here for flowers.

  • Plenty of parking alright

  • I heard no wrong pronunciation of San Pedro. That's Southern California fucks…not San Diego or San Francisco….San Pedro California!!! Boom!

  • For all you dumb ignorant fucks calling her out on her pronunciation on San Pedro, THATS HOW YOU SAY IT OVER HERE IN THE WEST COAST MUTHAFUCCAS. San PEEEEDRO FO DAT ASS!

  • Hey fill those blunts all the way up.

  • You guys need to do a tour of Greenhouse Herbal Center in Hollywood, CA!

  • This snaggeled tooth bitch saying San Pee-dro.

  • That's the perfect answer if you're a fuktard.

    OMG IT'S TOO HARD!!.. haha

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  • You are right on every point Tony. You got to have the right equipment and know how to grow the potent stuff. Any 8th grader can grow a 7 ft tall reefer plant outside but most of the time its going to be low grade.

  • you aint from there homie shes saying it right dont worry about it

  • Dude I might drive across the country for that Girlscout Cookie…..Anyone wanna roadtrip?

  • I fucking love California!

  • You're the idiot here. Growing = long ass time before you get any weed, limit on plants so you won't have many strains, not cheap at all (lights, nutrients, soil, lots of time, cO2 if you want good weed), then you have to worry about mold growing, spidermites, other insects, which could lead to the destruction of your entire crop. It's not cheap and it's not easy to grow dank shit. With dispensaries, you have 70 strains at your disposal, concentrates, edibles, and you know the strength of them.

  • haha

  • I don't "smoke weed". Thanks for realizing your ignorance.

  • Lol. OK. Go smoke some weed.

  • p.s. all you have to do is SCROLL DOWN to see your stupid question asked and answered 500 times

  • No they get paid. It's merely a lingo loophole…