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San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup 2013 Part 2

‪ – News Jul 31st, 2013‬
In Part 2, follow Gil as he takes a look at some of the new toys in the industry that are making your medicine cleaner and safer as well as not putting it to waste, and we finally get to the Awards Ceremony that crowns the best of the best at this year’s SF High Times Cannabis Cup.

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  • I wish something like this would be possible in Germany any time soon
    Thanks to nugporn for doing all this amazing vids!
    Peace from a german stoner!

  • Thanks marijuana for saving me from brain cancer !

  • right on brother! everyone that dabs just becomes a dabbing fiend and stop smoking flowers, crazy

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  • HAHA RCP Sacramento won best edible. I'm a member there.

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  • in the amount of time it takes you to cash that bowl or bleezy, I'd be 4x as high in one dab. Get with the revolution

  • oil slicks are the best thing that ever happened to me when it comes to oil

  • perfect time for that terrible song to kick in…lol

  • oils and wax are for people that smokes everyday with one hell off a tollarance build up,ever seen a alcoholic drinking piss beer lol.
    its a little sad in both cases.