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San Francisco High Times Cannabis Cup 2013 Part 1

‪ – News Jul 23, 2013‬
It’s another year at the San Francisco High Times Medical Cannabis Cup! Join Gil as he explores the enormous 3 medicating area expo floor, meeting up with the competitors, chatting with the legendary grower Kyle Kushman, and getting the run down on a glass school in the Bay Area that allows you to make, bring, and smoke out of your own rigs in class!

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  • 12:23? who plays that song?

  • 420 likes lol

  • The taste of veganic bud is delicious. Im doing the veganics indoors and taken it to the outdoor gardens in 2014. Much respect Kyle.

  • Next year Colorado and Washington won't have to call it "medical" cannabis cup.

  • That cool wow

  • Wish all states were like this .

  • Hey Gil, Nice production value on your video. Not sure if this is your style of humor, but this weed-tee looks like a touristy "I heart CA" but really says "I heart CAnnabis".
    cafepress ~ com/thenaughtynook/9990953

  • i need a new bong and i really wanna make one

  • I love weed, hope to live to see it legalize all over USA, not a drug just pure GOD'S herb made for me and you:)

  • Why would someone go to a Cannabis Cup and not be in the medical area? Whats the point?


  • Reverse glass!!! That's the shit

  • The new age!! When you can learn a trade with no worries bout a drug test. Man shout to revere glass. You guys make some bad ass pieces. Please keep it going hopefully one of your student moves to Alabama so we can hav some amazing glass pieces over here.

  • dude you shout out revere glass keep it real!!!!

  • why is everybody so fat?

  • I want that class

  • that daber that gil blows is dope as fuck!

  • Dat Ass at 1:23 though!!!

  • I was just in san Francisco a month ago