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San Diego Holistic Healing: Lamb’s Bread Strain Review

Gil sits down with the crew at San Diego Holistic Healing in San Diego, CA to do a strain review on Lamb’s Bread.


  • Canna cris still milking while the other pussys cough

  • this is WHY bob marley smoked it hahaha that looks sooo damn good


  • Trainwreck is most certainly sativa

  • best kinda party is a reefer party

  • mmm anit no hybrid strain

  • whats the song called, and masd review guys !

  • Is there any strain that they dont give a 2 thumbs up to?…….The Redeye Jedi…hahah

  • Orrr Ruderalis ! But nobody likes ruderalis :'(

  • thats the only reason im watching this

  • Bob Marley's favorite strain of weed! 🙂

  • does red eye jedi do roller durby

  • @provideos18 eny strain can be either indica or sativa

  • Lamb's Bread is the bomb! It smells like lemon, bubblegum, and haze, and it does taste the way it smells. It is a sativa, just like trainwreck. If you don't like lamb's bread go get some indica and stop hating.

  • i hated lambs bread

  • @provideos18 ur a moron its a sativa dominant hybrid..
    get ur shit straight

  • haha fuckin high haha

  • @provideos18 they said it smelled like trainwreck lmao

  • Jamaicans grew this strain

  • trainwrecks a indica dumbass.