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“Sabertooth SHE-003” – (Glass Review)


Sabertooth SHE-003 – (!product-page/c1p9b/8f60a435-0b16-dda4-527e-aace9556cdbc) – Use code “STRNCNTRL” for 10% off!

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Very honored to have the opportunity to review this electroformed saber cup!! This is by far the most beautiful piece that i’ve been able to review & add to my collection!

Overall I give this piece an incredible solid [6.3/7]

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  • they dont have anymore of those cups on the web site

  • bih DAB

  • we have the same keyboard

  • Show us your entire collection!

  • It is actually on sale for $449.91 but the bad part about it.. If you're not in a state that is legalized.. You can't get it soo I guess I won't be getting that for my roommate

  • Liked for the 1puglife sticker

  • this looks like something youd find in skyrim. really badass.

  • has a Turkish vibe to it's design

  • someone didnt smoke before doing those closeups , camera a bit shaky 🙂 but its great.

  • How many of you thought you had an iPhone notification at 2:59 ?

  • Amethyst have so much healing energies, I'd love to take a rip out of that!

  • I love this piece! Amazing. Cheers Josh! x

  • You can electroform anything btw

  • This isn't worth 1k, I'd rather get a mothership or even an evol cup instead, they used the cheapest of materials, copper for the elctroform, amethyst for the mineral. The electroform is sloppily done, you can barely tell that big empty space is their logo. I'm sorry, this piece, for the price gets a 2.5/7 for me.

  • I doesn't look finished… Why's their copper always runny? It gives it a cheap look IMO. I definitely don't see a G…
    Crutch 420 just did a review for them too, lol.

  • Looks like something id make in pottery class at school, not hatein on the video, but they really need to fine tune the QC….

  • that's an awesome rig,really nice man,a piece of art,well worth it i'd say,i'd be feelin like a king with that also,happy daze dude.

  • The only thing I don't like about the cups are that the nail is so high that you have to look up at your dab, I really enjoy looking at my dabs as they melt ahah. but cheers, that piece is a beauty!

  • that's one sick ass rig congrats