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Sabertooth 818 Beaker Tube – (Glass Review)


Doing a review on this 12″ Sabertooth Glass 818 Beaker Tube! This is a great piece for pretty much anyone, it’s the perfect size for storage & travel, and is extremely easy to clean. It’s made of a thick american borosilicate glass & is definitely a “table top” rig.

Sabertooth Glass Youtube – []

Glass Rating Scale:

Functionality – [2.3 / 3]
Practicality – [1.3 / 1.5]
Quality – [1 / 1]
Looks (Eye-Appeal) – [0.8 / 1]
Affordability – [0.4 / 0.5]

Overall I give this piece a solid [5.8/7]

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  • would love to chill and smoke with you! Finally had some sour diesel today, been wanting to try it. but I have a question. if I bring my pipe/bowl home. Is there a good way to hide the smell? Like put it in a few bags? I wanna hide the smell so I can start smoking at home but don't want it to stench up my whole room

  • I'll bet money that he's either a Cancer or Pisces. He seems like a gentle and caring soul, even a little goofy at times.

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  • Rest in peace Sabertooth 818 Beaker Tube

  • Around how much was that piece?

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  • Rest in paradise Sabertooth ? what a fine piece to lose.

  • honestly on the level of professionalism, creativity and entertainment you by far have my 10/10 on the best 18+ weed channel on youtube period

  • what about grass bc i do it

  • Josh do you think I should start smoking I would love to but I dosen't have acces to weed becuse i'm 14. So what do you think?

  • 140 bucks for a 12 inch beaker that doesnt even have a perc…..

  • you have me torn between this and the b3 beeker tube.

  • Had the feeling that bong is full of smoke all the time :D

  • Its now up!

  • i agree with stephan schulz