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S-5 Strain Review from Prix Di Ami

Gil & Tang sit down and review some S-5 flowers from Prix Di Ami in Amsterdam!


  • by the way if you go to amsterdam head to this shop some of the nicest staff i went to from all over

  • fukk s5 is amazing smoked it a bout a month ago at this shop awesomeness to the max

  • @R0ling0nMauiKine gotta crawl before you walk

  • i'm lovin' the guy with the dreads just chilling out.

  • @reptilliantoker78 Smoke the way you want, toke on guys, peace and high times from hawaii.

  • 1:40 "Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan"

  • @Ianoodin could you just be quiet, what im saying is.. they talk like oh this strain makes me walk on blue clouds, but this other strain makes me walk on pink clouds.. im exaggerating because it works and because they do it too.. the keyword is exaggerate.

    ive been smoking for 39 years now from the bad to the best im no grower because i dont have the time to grow.. does that make me a rookie? no it does not.. because i can TASTE it and so can the 300 other people tastin the same shit

  • Tang Takes Some Fag Ripps lil lite weight no wonder chubbs doesn't want to chill with himLOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • @rastafari415 don't hate on a nigger for trying

  • every time i hear that song it reminds me of fight night

  • @reptilliantoker78 Ey man chill, if their gettin high then they're gettin high, besides I've had some pretty good bud from Colorado.
    And its legal in Denver so thats more than the rest of the states can say

  • @reptilliantoker78 where the fuck are you from

  • fuck colorado i heard they smoke dirt out there just look at those twigs fucking mountain boys

  • @smokestorm88 who said he had too? not me i said he can NOT! get it straight fool you must be a rookie too! haha smokestorm88 should be smokestorm55 fucking nazi!

  • that is some beautiful haze

  • Tang you gotta snap that bitch haven't seen you snap a bowl yet you fucking light weight

  • @rastafari415 ah finnaly we see eye to eye, i guess this is over now peace.

  • @Ianoodin yeah bro im a homophobic demotivated stoner bum, truer words have never been spoken

  • @rastafari415 more like a kid smoking dime bags out his basement, if anything your the type of demotivated stoner bum that society brands on all us who smoke the ganja.

  • @Ianoodin im smoking cannabis, therefore helping the medical marijuana movement.