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This video was sponsored by Royal Puffs!

So ( sent over a big ol’ box of grinders & a piece of glass to review! These are aluminum 4 piece grinders are some of the best grinders for the price that i’ve seen in quite a while!!

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MAILING ADDRESS for pictures, letters, and packages
2602 S. 38th St. PMB#138
Tacoma, WA 98409


  • love the piece of glass.

  • Their's so much smoke

  • need this grinder ?

  • I remember when the episode was like… "Oh guys this is going to be the last video in a while. You know im a student and work part time and the prices of canabbis in Washington is ridiculous" now you forget weed on a grinder, look back on your bigginings Josh i feel like were loosing you to capitalism bruh!

  • Green grinder is beautiful.

  • why is it called obama kush?

  • oil before flower, you have power;P

  • We also ended up being Wasted on our most recent video! Go check it out!

  • That face when he was trying not to cough that hot out haha same!!

  • RIP that bong rip was nice looks like a really functional piece looking good Royal Puffs

  • If I did a channel like this when I am 18, then I want to get a job like in the science field, will it screw it up?

  • 5:48 lol

  • Hey Josh, You should make a video with a kind of complete set up of what you recommend. Grinder, Bong, Pipe, Rig, Etc. I haven't smoked in a year or so and plan on getting back with it. A personal favorite set up of yours would be awesome to get me some awesome pieces and tools for cannabis consumption. Love your channel. Cheers

  • Dope

  • that was the best edit after that flower rip lmao

  • When I'm high I always hear your intro and think I accidentally clicked a French cooking video

  • Four twenty silence lol ?

  • tbh I hate his intro change the song your vids r great to smoke to and your chill but ur intro makes me want to kms

  • How about go through all of your videos? Go to the end and take what you said out… and make a stoner daily positive note thing not sure what you call it. Some put bible verses on them other are sayings. I think you could have something if you make it cannabis related?

  • Do you know how lucky you are, for my weed i gotta meet that dodgy guy who may give me shit weed and not give me a good amount, but i need my meds (UK)